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We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as “APS TECH SYSTEMS PVT. LTD.”,  formerly known as “APS Technologies” hereinafter called as “APS” is an Authorized Enterprise Diamond Business Partner for Vertiv Energy Private Limited (formerly known as Emerson Network Power India Pvt. Ltd) for their entire range of Products like UPS Systems, Batteries, Network Power Switches, Vertiv Racks, Stabilizer, Liebert SRC, PDU, Power Control Monitoring. We have been awarded the best emerging partner by Emerson.

APS is Established on 8th February 2006, has seen a consistent growth rate of more than 30% p.a., over the last 15 years, and is an established market leader in the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. The founder & Managing Director Shri M. Srinivas having 25 Years of Rich Experience in providing Innovative & Cost-Effective Power Solutions to various Industries, through which “APS” is driven with uninterrupted growth and heading towards new Milestones.

The mathematical relation is kW= kVA *pf. where kW is active or useful power and kVA is the vector sum of active power and reactive power. The equation therefore is kW= kVA *pf

Power factor is a function of phase displacement angle between voltage and current and distortion factor. It is calculated as a ratio of real power to apparent Power drawn by load. PF is low at lower loads and goes on improving at higher loads. PF is also lower at higher input voltage and goes on improving as voltage reduces. Input Power Factor is independent of type of load for double conversion technology.

In synchronous mode this break is less than 5 ms because of Static Switch in output and Inverter is in phase and frequency locked with Bypass. In case of Asynchronous mode it is between 15-20 ms.

600kVA, multi module. Three modules of 200kVA (each) can be paralleled for expansion up to 600 kVA or for redundancy.

Resistive load and non linear load for normal testing and Inductive load on special request of inspection authority.

Fans are provided for cooling of wire wound components as well as cooling of heat sinks. If these fans fail, internal temperature of the unit will increase and when the heat sinks temperature rises above 850 degrees Celcius it will give indication of ‘Over Temperature’. If this condition persists, Inverter will be switched off after 2.5 Minutes.

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